buy nothing christmas '03
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Jesus Shops for Sandals

Dear reader: Jesus needs your help.
Please pray that some day soon he will
find a new pair of sandals.

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Spread the news. To make your own 'Jesus Shops for Sandals' tract, please download the pdf (556 KB), print it out, cut along the marks, and staple it together. Discuss.


Hmm... What should Jesus do?



Your comments:

Jesus should find the Palestinian shopkeeper who Jesus then asks to lead him to the sandal designer. Jesus then takes the designer to the "Shoe Millenium" headquarters where they pitch the design for the sandals to the executives. The warehouse shoe seller likes the idea and puts up the financing to get the sandal into production. Jesus then takes the designer to Guatamala with the financing and sets up the factory to make the sandals. The community is rebuilt with the fair price they receive for the sandals. Jesus then returns with the designer to the middle east where they use some of the profits from the sandal sales to set up a design school that attracts students from around the world. The influx of students bolsters the economy and expands the world view of the locals. Together, this urges the nation toward peace and Jesus can relax again with his new sandals. - Kristi

I agree that the comment about not knowing how to pray is completely incongruous, scripturally incorrect, and has no bearing on an otherwise amusing and perfectly harmless little fable. - Gette

I hear from a lot of people in my life a sentiment that is echoed in many of these comments - that Jesus might be less than thrilled with the mess that mankind has made of his teachings. That there's something in common between the empathy that defines liberal religion and Jesus' life, and the empathy at the heart of modern political and social liberalism. I mean, everybody knows there's something wrong, they just find different places to put the blame. But everybody knows this isn't how it's supposed to be - it's a pervasive, palpable discrepancy. And I think we might be on to something. - Ike

I found that a really interesting read. I can't say whether Jesus was right or wrong about the white tennis shoes not "feeling right." In a world with a lot of offbase messages, maybe those shoes were the exact wrong thing for him, and maybe he's the only one who might know. One has to listen carefully to hear quiet whispers of right and wrong. Alternately, it's my understanding that he shouldn't really have to worry too too much about what he wears, given the "lillies of the field" and all. Maybe the white tennis shoes were what he was *supposed* to have, and what would serve him better in accomplishing his purpose in life. Maybe giving up his own desires - the sandals, and accepting what is provided for him - the sneakers, are his proper course in life. For me? I'd hold out for the perfect pair of sandals, but then again, I can't say I always make the best choices for myself. - Luanne

I think Jesus should accept that he cannot buy new sandals. Maybe he can fix his own. I mean, he is all powerful, right? He should have the power to fix shoes. If not, he should go barefoot. - Stacey

Perhaps Jesus should buy some trendy WWJD products to go with his new 'trainers.' Does anyone really think Jesus would recognise himself if he came to any of our unwelcoming judgemental narrowminded 'churches' today? He'd be quite confused as to why this commercial guy they all worship has the same name! If Jesus is a 'Lord' then the sandal hunt would have been superfluous. His 'slaves' would just get him some. The point that he had to look around, and despair at how difficult it was for people to make or sell such a simple item in today's world suggests that Jesus was better than any worldly 'Lord' and cared about the other people around him. I pray that one day our churches, and those who claim to represent Jesus' way, will finally walk a few miles in Jesus' sandals and learn something about what holy wisdom was trying to tell us when it walked on the earth so many years ago. - Matthew

I don't understand why Jesus couldn't pray. What does he have to teach us about consumerism if he doesn't have a relationship with God? I, in general, enjoyed the tract tho. - eliz

Jesus should charge a new pair of Lebron james shoes on his capital one credit card, then make the minimum payment on the balance for the next 8 years so the shoes can stretch out to a $9,825 investment in the long haul. By this time jesus will have established pretty good credit, which is the modern estimate of if you are a good person. Jesus can then get more credit and charge accessories to go with his sweet new kicks. Then jesus can goto and buy the rest of the media shoveled garbage until he reaches the point where is is far enough in debt on crap that he is a good american consumer. And for janice [comments below] ...blasphemy? wow there is a word that has no place in modern english. I can turn on family programming and see teen porn, MTV owns the minds of the young, the entire country is one big product placement...and you are still hung up on jesus? the rise in the average human IQ and the inverse relationship this has to religious belief makes total sense. I hope yours too rises to understand my comment in the near future. and may god strike me down if I am out of place........ still here. - ricky

he should get a pair of Tevas... they're close enoughf. - nac

The analogy is flawed. If Christ were alive today, he would be a very different man, because he would be speaking to a very different audience. We have no way of knowing, and it is not our place to say, what Christ thinks about shoes. Or sandals. Or airplanes. I agree with many of your opinions on X-mas, the Christ-less holiday, but badly drawn cartoons that assume too much aren't the way to spread the word. - MB

Walk on water, obviously. Maybe a couple of small fishtanks strapped to his feet would be comfy. - Jon, London

That is total... blasphemy. Really offensive kids. - Janice

I don't see this cartoon as disrespectful at all, and I'm curious as to why others do. Is it simply any time someone mentions Jesus in any kind of work, people are conditioned to find it disrespectful? Or is it that people don't like to take a closer look at the world even through a simply drawn comic strip? Good job and interesting concept...there should be a sequel. - Cairo

Jesus was supposed to send me a new car and a new stereo a long time ago. I had given up on him. I can't believe he's been living in North America this whole time. I thought he lived in the North Pole with Santa Claus. I'm confused and I feel like things are changing. He should still go ahead and send the car. - Jenny

What should Jesus do? Buy nothing - WW

We should go out and take action doing good in the world instead of reading all the comments about Jesus and His sandals. - Heather

I don't think we should tell Jesus what to do. He's a whole lot smarter. I think He can figure it out. The whole cartoon is disrespectful. - Jaclyn

Easy. Jesus should give them to Pilate as a parting gift. Let the Empire have a complex over it all I say. - Kali

Let go of his desire. - Jennifer

Jesus should have used fear and guilt to force the person who had the sandals he liked to hand them over. - Nick [Sometimes sarcasm works just as well!-Eds.]

Jesus should just lean back, relax and think about why he can't get his 2000 year old style sandals. Maybe he should just go with the time? - Juern, Germany

I'm surprised Jesus got to fly anywhere. I mean, he's probably on some terrorist watch list (For those of us with the Swedish Jesus still in our minds, Jesus wasn't white). Maybe he should find and hang out with Cat Stevens somewhere. At least, in his search for sandals, he won't have to take anything off thirty times to get through airport security. Brian

Jesus should go hunt a few rabbits. Learn to tan the leather from said rabbits. Stretch said leather from said rabbits. And make new sandals with the new leather and a needle and thread with his old sandles. - lguetre

Jesus looks down at his feet and gives his head a shake. He is shocked at how easy it is to become selfish and shallow. After he explains this to his Bible-thumping friends he is inevitably hurt by them after they spiritually rape him, just like they rape their neighbors, the environment and anything else they can. So now, cut off from the temple he goes into the margins of society and teaches the people a new way of selfless love that gives and cares, and edifies, and heals. This radical new theology catches on and loosens core fabric of a cancerous consuming society. Business tycoons get really pissed off after Jesus declares Buy Nothing Day and King George is scared shitless so he calls Jesus a terrorist and bombs him, but only after letting Barabus go free. - J

He can make his own sandals by using recycled materials. Then he can teach others how to do this too. This can be a good lesson to others on surviving by adaptive re-use. M. Hayden

First of all, Yeshua will not convert to christianity. Not Biblical! Second, He will remember Paul's letter to the Corinthians where he encourages the readers to go back and learn from the Israelites in the desert. There Yeshua will be reminded that in a walk in obediance to God the blessings will overtake Him. We learn that none of the Israelites in the desert had, in 40 years, problems with shoes. Thirdly, Yeshua will also remember that He was not born in December, but during Feast of Tabernacles. Something he will educate his Christian friends, that will find out that Christmas is an old sunworship festival that Constantine brought in to the curch 200 years after Yeshua's death. (Jer 10:1-4) Fredrik, Sweden

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus. Jesus should stop worrying about himself so much. What about all the people in the world that don't have any shoes? I bet any one of them would take his broken sandals and fix them right up to avoid the bare ground. Maybe Jesus should accept his new trainers thankfully and take the proverbial walk in someone else's shoes. - Lauren

Jesus should use his newfound christianity and christian friends to assist the people in the Middle East (where the most promising sandals were found) in solving their problems. Then the shop can be reopened and he can buy the sandals, and go where he pleases. Other option: Jesus should investigate christianity and see if it really does have anything to offer after all. It's not about what you have, it's about what you do with what you have. - Roara

Shut the hell up! Jesus is loving. His sandals are symbolic, shut the hell up. - Joe Poe

Jesus was a carpenter I am sure he could fix a pair of sandals. - Angela

Jesus should have consisdered him self lucky to have been given the trainers. How thoughtless to turn the gift away because they didn't feel right! On another thought, I am sure that when he does return he will be up to date, dressed in modern clothes and will be completely up to date with todays fashions. I dont think he would get far if he still had the clothes that he used to have. - Josie

Jesus really shouldn't be so picky and should seek what he needs locally instead of wasting time, money and energy looking for sandals. He should have gone to the shoe repair shop in the mall. It's hard to find, 'cause they don't really want you to know that you can get stuff fixed instead of buying new, but it's there. If the sandals can't be repaired then they might be able to make him ones just like them - maybe even out of another old pair. If Jesus won't be needing the runners that the christians gave him, he should give them back, give them to someone who needs them, or trade them for something he needs. - Leah

Jesus should do hunger strike on national television until someone sells him the sandals he wants to buy. - Jose Fernando Tavares Dias Nogueira

Jesus should buy a good pair of boots. Getting people to be moral these days takes a good boot in the ass. - Billy

i think jesus should repair them himself. i mean if he canwalk on water he can fix his own sandals! any way, jesus woudn't need new sandals he's god son and this comic is stupid and blasphemus, and i know that and i'm only 13. - dandara

Jesus should consider how he made it to Nicaragua and the Middle East without sandals or footwear, and ask himself how badly he really needs them after all. Perhaps he can do without? - Anita Roy

Jesus should pray, just as the Bible shows that he did during his ministry, suffering, and crucifixion. - Daniel Bennett Page

[Jesus should] Come to me in Romania..I'll buy for him a pair of sandals in a "second hand" shop. - domi

Jesus should see if he can FIX and REUSE his old sandals...what a concept. - babe