buy nothing christmas '03
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Tell a Friend

Why keep a good thing all to yourself? Spread the joy of creating your own Christmas celebration.

Click here to automatically send a tiny email to a friend. Just enter their addresses, add a few personal comments if you like, and fire if off (don't send spam, it creates clutter and weakens the campaign).

Or, you can paste the following text into the body an email and hit send:


Dear Friend,

I'm finally chucking all the commercial
Christmas hullabaloo. I'm curbing waste,
spending less, relaxing more and making
time for friends and family.

I invite you to discover a simpler Christmas
experience, try a Buy Nothing Christmas.
See the website for more information:


If you're looking for alternative ideas,
here are a few starting points:

* make a gift (write a card, paint a picture,
mount a photo, bake some cookies, give some jam)
* recycle an old treasure (a book, fancy fountain
pen, desk lamp from the basement), give a voucher
(for babysitting, a home-cooked meal, walk in the
park, ride on a bike, go to the movies)
* reduce needless consumer spending (give a gift to
charity in someone's name, draw names instead of
buying for everyone)
* have a meal together, start new traditions of
sharing memories or making simple handmade cards