buy nothing christmas '03

Buy Nothing Catalogue

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I am a senior in College with a major in Marketing. I believe my colleagues have gone too far, to the point that most people think of Christmas in terms of how much money you spend and how many presents Santa brings. Seems to me the primary purpose of Christmas, which is to celebrate the birth of the Savior, has disappeared from our minds... I enjoyed a lot reading your catalogue, and wonder If you have these in orther languages like Spanish and French. I bet some friends that do not speak English would enjoy it! - Nestor Reynoza

Love this catalog. Please make it available so that we can email it to friends. Thank you! - Chris McGlasson

What a way to start the Christmas season, by reading about other peoples' memories of "priceless" things- it inspires me to think of my own long but often forgotten list of thoughts, times, sights and sounds that would never be found in a "real" catalog!! And this from deep in Consumerism America!! - Mary, Texas

This whole web site comes across as a joke. All of the ideas in the buy nothing catalog are completely inaccurate! All of them cost something to make or produce. They may be low cost but they are buy no means free. It is very misleading to everyone. So how about presenting it as a less fussy, low cost Christmas. - JD

Good point JD, but kind of obvious. Literalism has merit. We're betting on people's creative lattitude. - Eds.

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Dude, I want some of what you're not selling! Reading your catalogue led me out of my harried work day and into daydreaming about a few of my favourite things.... friends, food, time outside. You rock! - Tammy, Winnipeg